Celebrating Women’s Equality Day

A single working mom raises a daughter on her own during the 1930s depression.  That daughter marries, raises two daughters, is roused by the Feminine Mystique in the 1960s. She urges her girls to go out and change the world.

Those girls don’t get there right away.  It’s not until later in their careers that they finally have the time and resources to give changing the world, or maybe the nation, their best shot.

They get together with some other younger women and they all create something they think will make a difference. Know that the road to gender equality will an uphill march.

In honor of the single working mom who raised her daughter alone during the depression, and the mom roused by the Feminine Mystique, and a nation of women about to change the world, we join in recognizing National Women’s Equality Day.

It’s our mission at Capitol Contact to make sure that every woman’s voice is heard where it will matter most.  We invite your organization to use us to make the difference you seek.

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