When advocacy emails help and when they hurt

Online advocacy software exhibits three big problems:

  • Gathering messages from supporters
  • Overwhelming lawmakers with too many emails
  • Substituting form letters for personal messages

Individual messages get lost in the volume of advocacy emails hitting legislator inboxes. Advocacy organizers can break through the volume, not by taking the email number from 100 messages to 500, but by reducing the number of emails from 500 to 1.

The problem with gathering advocacy emails from supporters is that legislation moves through many stages, requiring communication to different lawmakers at each stage:

  • If supporters and advocates take time to write their legislator for the first committee, they may not have time to write for the next committee or floor hearing.
  • An email advocacy platform that allows you to use supporter messages multiple times as legislation progresses is an essential tool.

Lots of advocacy emails to lawmakers may feel like a victory, but when they ping constantly into legislator inboxes, they’re just annoying to lawmakers and their staff, if they have staff. A quick tally and lawmakers have done their job, they believe.

Deleting Emails

Form letters are the worst. Hundreds of messages looking exactly alike drive lawmakers nuts. Just trying to delete them is a chore.

Email advocacy has another option today. If you’re a professional association, nonprofit, 501c4 or 501c3, you have connections and are probably well known in your community.

You have supporters or members who are also well known and respected. It’s important to collect and amplify these voices rather than dilute them using form letters or directing hundreds of individual messages to lawmakers.

Instead, it’s possible to collect your advocates’ messages into ONE advocacy email.  That email should enable message sorting by:

  • district
  • zip code
  • city
  • state

Three hundred combined voices in ONE email becomes much more synergistic and powerful than three hundred voices dispersed across three hundred individual emails. This solution also allows advocacy leaders to cycle messages as many times as necessary for the best results.

ONE email presenting your organization’s many voices allows legislators to scan through the messages and experience the overall power of your issue commitment. This solution also makes it easy for lawmakers to respond to your supporters, giving your advocates the pleasure of a personal reply.

It’s now possible to approach lawmakers personally and professionally using the CapitolContact.com email advocacy platform. You’ll experience lawmaker respect and appreciation in return.