Lawmaker Receptivity

A digital advocacy campaign aims to increase supporter commitment to an organization or association and to get lawmakers to pay attention to an organization’s position on an issue or bill.

For this reason, most current email platforms can help with the first part. But they don’t follow through on the second goal.

Capitol Contact joins the two missions because it is an email advocacy platform based on ten years of direct experience with lawmakers. The application enables grassroots advocacy leaders to exponentially increase their successful impact on their members and targeted lawmakers.

How so? First, supporters need an attractive, easy-to-complete tool Call to Action to get their message to legislators.

The form should do two things: 1) provide a message to lawmakers if the member only wants to “sign” the form, and 2) allow supporters to customize their message, from subject line through content.

Capitol Contact provides both options for each Call to Action:

  • The call accepts a signature with the form message
  • Members to replace the subject line and content with their personal story.

So that no off-topic messages go to lawmakers, Capitol Contact allows advocacy leaders to vet individual messages first and then bundle the selected messages into ONE EMAIL package for fast review by lawmakers. Either way, advocacy leaders decide what messages lawmakers see.

On the lawmakers’ side of the communication, they don’t want to see hundreds or thousands of the same exact message in their email boxes. Mass email form letters, or robo emails, clog up inboxes rather than reveal, personal messages. Lawmakers won’t open an email that has the same subject line or preview content as hundreds of other emails litter their lists. As a result, grassroots supporters’ time and commitment is wasted.

Smart email advocacy

Smart email advocacy gets your supporters’ messages past that first impression barrier: robo-email. The Advocacy Email Package enables advocacy leaders to bundle all supporters’ messages into ONE email.

It’s easy for lawmakers to review these messages when they can filter by:

  • district
  • zip code
  • city
  • state

They don’t have to open each email individually to figure out who’s who.

Another method allows your members to create their own subject line and personal email content. That way, each individual email shows up as what it is – a personal message from concerned citizens to lawmaker.

Lots of psychology is involved in advocacy. But for grassroots email communication, the first priority is to get your members’ messages through the read/delete barrier. Capitol Contact is designed specifically to make sure the lawmakers’ decision says “read.”